Cotton Knickers UK

What Can You Expect From Using Cotton Knickers UK?


Women don’t forget to put on a pair of freshly washed underwear every day. Wearing fashionable knickers can also make one feel great and comfortable, which is women love wearing them. However, there are plenty of undergarments to choose from, choosing cotton knickers UK based is probably still the greatest option for yourself.


Not only are they environmental-friendly, but they can also help boost the health of women. Here are some of the other reasons why using cotton knickers is great for each woman.


1. It offers comfort.

Knickers made of pure, organic cotton is very comfortable to wear any time of the day. You can even do strenuous activities while wearing it because this material is durable, stretchable, and gentle on your skin. Furthermore, its fibres can trap warm and cool air between your skin and the underwear. This means that you can feel warm when the weather is cold, and feel cool when it’s hot.


2. It inhibits infection.

Yeast infections are one of the greatest reasons why women feel uncomfortable in their bikini line. This type of infection can be caused by a lot of things. However, it is mostly caused by certain types of fabric that doesn’t allow the skin to breathe. For example, latex and polyester can make yeast grow, which can later on cause genital infections.


On the other hand, cotton knickers UK based are made of fabrics that are breathable and soft to your skin. Unlike synthetic materials, cotton does not retain heat and moisture, which prohibits yeast from growing in your bikini area.


3. It reduces irritation.

Irritation in the bikini-line can be caused by an allergic reaction to undergarments made of polyester, rayon, nylon, and many others. This might lead to contact dermatitis, an ailment that causes redness and inflammation of the skin, with painful symptoms such as rashes, itchiness, blisters, and more.


So if you have allergic reactions or sensitive skin, you should use cotton knickers as these undergarments won’t cause allergies or irritation. It also doesn’t cause a lot of friction even if you wear them for many hours. These things will let you feel comfortable whenever you’re doing physically-demanding tasks or exercises.


4. It neutralises odour.

No woman would want to smell awful in their bikini-line. However, it is possible to happen due to many factors. For instance, working out, pubic sweating, and excess body weight can build up excessive moisture in the genital area, resulting in a foul smell.


Cotton, on the other hand, allows air to flow through, and it can prevent the build-up of foul odour. After using, it’s also easy to sterilise so bacteria can’t grow any further. They also become more durable the more they absorb moisture, so it’s really the best clothing to wear during warmer seasons because bacteria grow in these kinds of temperatures.


People wear underwear that looks enticing because they want themselves to feel good and look beautiful. However, you shouldn’t sacrifice your health just because of these reasons. It’s much better to buy a piece of lingerie that can make you feel comfortable and look attractive at the same time. With this, you will be satisfied buying lingerie from great cotton knickers UK based stores.